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DSDay7 – slides online!

Hi everyone –

just put the slides f (most of) our talks online. Thanks for attending. Awesome day! :-)

Dirk Groeneveld, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle: “Mining Data where Classification can’t Reach”

Sven Fessler, IBM: “Watson Analytics.- The Next Wave of Data and Analytics Services on the Cloud”

Alexander Kagoshima, Pivotal: “Real-Time Journey Prediction From Car Sensor Data”

Lucia Santamaria, komoot: “My favorite algorithm”

Prof. Dr. Christian Bauckhage, Fraunhofer IAIS: “Collective Attention on the Web”

Torben Brodt, plista: “Latest in large scale recommendation engines and machine learning”

Fabian Hadiji, “My favorite algorithm”

Georg Urban, Microsoft; Dr. Artus Krohn-Grimberghe, Lytiq GmbH: “Paul the Octopus vs. Bing Prediction Engine: Data Science @Microsoft”

János Moldvay, Jimdo: “Building Data Science Teams: use cases and lessons learned from building data science teams at three different companies”

Roland Memisevic, University of Montreal “Latest in Deep Learning”

See you next time around!


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