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DSDay6: Slides online!

Please see below the first set of slidedecks of our fantastic speakers at #DSDay6 last week!

Drew Conway: “Will work for data hard problems”

Andrew Cantino: “Huginn: Your Agents Are Standing By”

Sebastian Welter: “IBM Watson – the Era of Cognitive Computing”

Mikio Braun: “Streamdrill: Analyzing Big Data Stream in Real-Time”

Michael Hausenblas: “Apache Spark—the light at the end of the tunnel?”

Trent McConaghy: “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Cognitive Enhancement”

Wilfrid Hoge & Stephan Reimann: “Take action on sensor data in real-time based on analytics in R – with live demo”

Anja Jentzsch: “Wikidata”

Peter Adolphs: “MIA – a cloud-based marketplace for information and analyses”


See you again at #DSDay7….



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