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Guestpost: Big Data opportunities in Singapore!

‘Big data’ has arrived and is poised to become a key part of the Singaporean economy – so for those of you with a background in data analytics, there are likely to be plenty of jobs in Singapore to aim for!

Last year, companies worldwide spent US$4.3 billion on software for big data projects. By 2016, spend on global big data technology could top US$23.8 billion. Given such an impressive trajectory, it is not surprising that the Singapore Government has flagged big data and analytics as an important growth area. By the end of 2017, it hopes it will contribute S$1 billion in value-add to the economy.

Being at the heart of Asia, Singapore’s location is seen as providing the perfect setting for companies looking to understand Asian consumers. With its culturally diverse population, the Red Dot offers the ideal location to test new made-for-Asia innovations, and a broad economy provides access to industry-specific knowledge crucial for coming up with the best analytics. Already Singapore has a head start in this game, hosting more than 50 per cent of the commercial carrier and carrier-neutral data centre space in Southeast Asia.

Over the next five years, the Singapore Government has a goal of creating a pool of 2,500 multidisciplinary data analytics professionals. Sites such as the Contact Singapore Job Portal ( provide an insight into the sorts of positions currently available.


This is a guest post by Contact Singapore. They are supporters of our 6th Data Science Day and honestly, which city is a better one to look for international talent than Berlin, right? David Ho from Contact Singapore will be around at our 6th Data Science Day, for all of you going abroad soon. ;-)


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