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6th Data Science Day – Call for Submissions closed!

UPDATE: Our Call has been closed!!!! See ya next time again….. :-)

Call for submissions!

6th Data Science Day on “Data Driven Decisioning – an era of smart machines and smarter businesses”

When: May 8, 2014 as part of Big Data Week 2014

Where: Berlin

Hosted by: Zalando & The unbelievable Machine Company

Data Science Day is the community-driven 1-day event for everybody interested in data – big data, data science, data visualization & co. It´s about leading edge know-how, sharing innovative ideas, meeting like-minded people, having a great time together.

It´s not a conference. It´s not a barcamp. It´s not a weekly or monthly meetup. It´s Data Science Day in Berlin!

For our next Data Science Day and first in 2014, this time on “Data Driven Decisioning – an era of smart machines and smarter businesses”, we wanna “open up” our program and invite all of you to submit talks, workshops, showcases & ideas.

Let´s define the next level of Data Science Day together!

So….if you are involved in research or projects on autonomous systems, robotics, deep learning, data-driven business processes, data interface design, smart cities, self-learning and -optimization, intent analysis or any other topic or crazy idea related to “smart & intelligent machines”, that support humans in decision making and action – let us know!!!

If it´s just a 5-minute impulse talk, if it´s a hardware hack showcase on robotics, if it´s a 2 hour workshop on deep learning, if it´s a visionary talk on roboethics or “how humane are machines?” – submit!

If you are a small startup creating the next Siri or Google Now, a big player creating full-service machine intelligence in the cloud (think Watson & Co.), a freelance data artist creating self-explainable interfaces to data, a researcher or student working on an interesting project in IT, business administration, design or whatever – submit!

Even if you´re none of the above – submit! :-)

DEADLINE for submissions: April 1, 2014

How to submit?
Just send an email to with everything you think is necessary for us to get it. Few bullet points are fine, a video link is fine, a really short abstract is fine. Be precise & en point. And please send some information about yourself. For those who didn´t notice so far: NO marketing & sales pitches….please…..

We´ll screen the submissions til first week of April. We´ll definitely have 4-5 slots available, maybe even more depending on what you send! :-)

We will take care of travel expenses, besides that speakers at Data Science Day are not paid to speak. Please note: All talks must be held in English without exception.

So – on your marks, get set…..go!

See you in Berlin
Steven & Klaas


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