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DSDay 5 – slides & more…

Thank you everyone!!!

Think we had a fantastic 5th Data Science Day last week on “Mobile, Mobility & Big Data”, a broad range of talks & topics, lots of time, space & food for discussion, ideation & meeting 80+ likeminded people! Please spread the word, give feedback & praises…..I wanna take Data Science Day to the next level next year, so every idea welcome!

Already got some slidedecks & videos:

Florian Schumacher, Quantified Self Deutschland: “The Quantified Self” (DOWNLOAD here)

Dominikus Baur, Freelance designer & researcher: “Big pictures in the small – Visualizations on mobile devices” (SEE VIDEO here)
Thanks Dominikus for doing your talk again(!) for the vimeo-Clip!!! :-)

Michael Hausenblas, Chief Data Engineer @ MapR: “How Big Data can take geolocation apps to the next level” (SEE here)

Manuel Blechschmidt, CTO apaxo: “Apache Mahout 0.8/0.9 – What´s new?!” (SEE here)

Andy Cotgreave, Tableau: “Visualizing Social Media: Blending Social and Business Data for Mobile Business” (DOWNLOAD here)

Milan Günther, Partner @ eda.c: “Designing the new enterprise” (SEE here)
If you´re interested in Milan´s book on “Enterprise Design” and get a special 30% discount: SEE here

See you next time,


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