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DSDay 5 – This is what we plan…

Hi everyone –

just a quick and first update to what we plan for DSDay 5 – topic this time “Mobile & Big Data”

  • Florian Schuhmacher, Quantified Self Deutschland: “The Quantified Self”
  • Alexander Kagoshima, Data Scientist @ Pivotal: “Data Science and the Internet of Things – Deep Analytics on Traffic Data”
  • Dominikus Baur, Freelance designer & researcher: “Big pictures in the small – Visualizations on mobile devices”
  • Michael Hausenblas, Chief Data Engineer @ MapR: “How Big Data can take geolocation apps to the next level”
  • Andy Cotgreave, Tableau: “Visualizing Social Media: Blending Social and Business Data for Mobile Business”
  • Sven Löffler, Emerging Products & Innovation @ T-Systems: “Big Data and the mobile wave: Connecting vehicles – connecting customers”
  • Milan Günther, Partner @ eda.c: “Designing the new enterprise”

…and more to come…

This will be an awesome day (again) – hope to see you around.
Reg will start in 2-3 weeks….keep you posted!

A big thanks to our supporters (so far): EMC, T-Systems, MapR, Exasol, Tableau, ImmobilienScout24 & *um

Stay tuned, Klaas


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