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Presentations of 4th DSDay

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay….really busy these days….

So. First of all. Thanks for being part of 4th DSDay! :-)

Think we had a really great event (again) with interesting talks, workshops & discussions (again) and some beer, pizza and meeting friends afterwards (again). 83(!) attended! Awesome! This time it even worked well with the registrations, cancellations and our waiting list…..Thank you very, very much for this!

We´ll keep it that way! :-)

@juergenarne took a lot of really fabulous pictures!!!!! Will post some of them soon…..
Thanks Jürgen!!! You´ll find the pictures HERE!

Here´s the presentations of our talks:

  1. Prof. Gitta Kutyniok, TU Berlin: “Tackling the Data Deluge with Mathematics”
  2. Jean Paul Schmetz, Chief Scientist of Hubert Burda Media: “Open Data Startups”
  3. Jan-Arne Schwarz, ImmobilienScout24: “MarketNaivgator: Real Estate Market Data via the Web.”
  4. Felix Marczinowksi, Blue Yonder: “Predictive analytics in retail on the large scale”
  5. Michael Hausenblas, MapR: “All you need to know about Apache Drill”

The talks of Karlheinz Pischke (DDN), Sebastian Küpers (The Otherland Group) are not allowed to be published, the talk of Jörg Blumtritt is still missing. ;-)

Enjoy, share, see you again.



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