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DSDay joining Big Data Week 2013!

Hi everyone,

just started planning our 4th DSDay, which will be part of Big Data Week 2013 and place Berlin on that map! YEAH! :-)
Big Data Week will be THE platform for hundreds of events on Big Data, Data Science, DataViz (you name it) worldwide, more than > 15 cities already joined!


We´ll have our 4th DSDay on April 26 in Berlin (to be confirmed).

Topic this time: “Data Driven Product Development”

I already contacted a handful of very interesting speakers, the location is about to be settled…..I´ll keep you posted!

See you there, Klaas


One comment on “DSDay joining Big Data Week 2013!

  1. Nils
    February 19, 2013

    Great topic! Looking forward to #DSD!

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