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3. DSDay on “Data in Journalism” – Slides & more!

Hi everyone,

we had an awesome event with great speakers, a fantastic audience, lots of inspiring talks & discussions, beer & pizza – YOU ROCK! :-)

“The third Data Science Day was a great opportunity to meet fellow data nerds. Meeting people familiar with big data, visualizations or monitoring, while I was more into the data literacy and storytelling business, created very rich discussions. The top-notch organization and venue made the whole experience even better.”
(Nicolas Kayser-Bril, Journalism++)

For those of you who couldn´t attend (although maybe registered ;-)) and those of you who wanna spend more time with the topics and share – here are (some of) the slides.

Lorenz Matzat & Toms Baugis presented Websites only, so no slides here.

“I really enjoyed my time at Data Science Day, the presentations covered a great range of topics and brought really A-list people from the European data journalism scene. I wish I lived closer to Berlin, I’d definitely want to attend future sessions!”
(Geoff McGhee, Stanford University)

What else to say?

I wish a fantastic Xmas time and all the best for 2013! :-)

And I´ll check if our videos are okay this time (not sure) and try to put´em online soon…..

Yours, Klaas


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