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First infos: 3. Data Science Day

Hi everyone,

it´s getting warmer outside (at least in Berlin at the moment) – time for our 3. and last Data Science Day this year! :-)

So…what are we up to?

The 3. Data Science Day will be about “Storytelling with Data / Data in Journalism” and will take place Dec 7 (a friday) in Berlin. Registration will start soon. We have ~80 seats again!

Speakers will come from Open Knowledge Foundation, Journalism++,, Studio NAND, OpenDataCity and others. We also have some special guests contacted who might make it to Berlin….stay tuned! :-)

Topics range from “Stories made from data”, “Data literacy”, “The power of open data”, “Data olympics”, “Data Viz for publishers” to “The future of Data Journalism”.

A big thanks to our supporters (so far): ImmobilienScout, The unbelievable Machine Company & Exasol (more to come).

So – girls & boys,
see you in Berlin again.
This time it really will be magic….



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